43 Magazine

By mindy

Allen Ying is the founder of 43, an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine. Knowing that magazines play a significant role in skateboard culture, he was disappointed to find there were no current skateboard magazines in the US or New York rather, capturing artful photography and innovation around the culture. The images and layout are beautiful and definitely have a distinct energy from it's glossy counterparts... 

When I first met Allen, we were with a group of friends on a beach and while everyone was slathering on their generic drugstore sunscreen, Allen whips out coconut oil—apparently natures sunblock. This level of commitment extends to the production of each issue from green certified villanti printers in Vermont to 100% post consumer waste uncoated paper.

The 3rd issue received a lot of press and noise because of a dude named Koki who ollied across the subway tracks, just missing the third rail. You can pick up an issue at a local shop  or buy it online .

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